Ink Seal Test (14-81210)

Testing of Sealer Device

Performance of the sewing and packaging device should be evaluated. Roshan Rai Sepahan .Company has designed and made two test methods to evaluate the sealer device

1- Sealer Ink Test

RRS Ink test is a standard and ideal method for leak detection in medical sterile packages that by using of penetration of ink into porous surfaces provide the possibility of detecting the leakage points

Instruction :

1- Turn on the sealer device and allow it to reach to its appropriate operating temperature.

2- Cut about 10 cm from the roll of one package and seal one side.

3- Using of dropper, up take about 2 ml of the ink and pour it from opening side ofthe packaging.

4- Then rub it with your hand to expose the entire of package with the ink.

5- After 20 seconds, check the gaps of package to make sure it is sealed.

6- The ink leakage in the gaps will be visible easily.

Conclusion: If the ink does not penetrate into the sealed area, it indicates the sewing is healthy.

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