Helix PCD 14-11510

Process Challenging Device (PCD) for sterilization chemical indicators-Type 2

RRS PCD is the most challenging device to monitor sterilization process. This test is used to ensure the sterilization process of challenging loads such as long tubes with small diameter, internal surface of devices and porous items has been done successfully



: Featurers

  • Monitors all critical factors in the sterilization process
  • Evaluates air removal and steam penetration inside the hollow and porous loads
  • Easy interpretation by evident color change from yellow to black
  • Test strip will be filed and documented.
  • Appropriate for steam, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide and formaldehyde sterilizers. Conforms to ISO 11140-5

The test set contains a stainless steel chamber and a helix tube (1.5 meters). The test strip is placed in the chamber. The yellow color of the indicator have to turn black .fully to make sure of sterilizer's accurate function

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