Container Card (14-11120)

Indications for Use

The Container Card chemical indicators are designed for use in steam sterilizers operating at 121°C and 134°C. When used as directed, the Container Card indicator gives visible confirmation that the container was exposed to steam.

Color Change

Following proper steam sterilization, the indicator turns from white to black.

Stated values (As determined in a steam resistometer)

Time at 134°C

Time at 121°C

2 minutes

10 minutes

Instructions for Use

1. Complete appropriate information on Container Card.

2. Slide a Container Card in each container card holder for sterilization. Adjust the card size by folding along the perforated top edge.

3.Sterilize container as recommended by manufacturer.

4. Following sterilization cycle, verify that the indicator bar has turned from white to black.

Safety Precautions

• If there is any doubt about sterility of item, it must be considered NOT sterile

• Do not use any cards if the indicator bar is not white in color prior to exposure to steam sterilization processing

• Not recommended for use in a “flash” sterilization cycle Storage

• Store at normal room temperature between 10°-38°C and 10-70% R.H.

• No special storage conditions are necessary after exposure to steam sterilization conditions

Expiry Date

The expiry date is printed on the product packaging. Do not use after expiration date listed on the packaging.

LOT Number

A unique identification code, LOT , is printed on each indicator strip and packaging labels.

Interfering Substances or Conditions

There are no known interfering substances or conditions that could affect the intended use of the indicator or adversely affect the indicator performance.

Release of Toxic Substances

The indicator releases no known toxic substances in sufficient quantities to cause either a health hazard, or a hazard to the intended properties of the product being sterilized before, during or after the sterilization process.

Declaration of Conformity

The Container Card conforms to all applicable portions ISO 11140-1, Type 1.

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