Protein Test

      A protein assay kit for detecting protein residue on the surfaces after washing

       Protein test is a rapid test for detecting the residual proteins on the endoscopes, surgical instrument, and also surfaces of washing or disinfectant machines and ultrasonic cleaners.

     Instructions for Use

          • 1. Gloves must be used while using protein kit to avoid protein contamination by skin.
          • 2. Rub the swab firmly over the desired surface if the surface is wet; and if the surface is dry, first, moisturize the swab by sterile or distilled water and then rub it firmly over the desired surface
      1. 3.Unscrew the reagent tube and swirl the swab for 30 seconds in the brown reagent.


Negative result: Lack of protein on the surface of the instrument.

Positive result: Presence of protein on the surface of the instrument








Storage: Keep in the fridge or in the 2-25 °C, away from sunlight, high temperature, disinfectants, and chemical agents.

  Durability :18 months after the production

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